Sticker Wonderland – Android App

Digital Sticker Book for kids Get the app before official release(Android Devices): Install on Google Playstore Give me feedback: Loading…

Pixel Painter – 3dsMax Tool

For a recent job I made a little tool which I named “Pixel Painter”. It lets you paint and animate pixels on any grid.

Gamedev Drill 005

Play Split Identity on Made with Unity3d (WebGL) for a gamejam during 7 days. Instruction You are not alone. Because your other personality follows you at every step. As fate would have it, you[…]

Gamedev Drill 004

Play Increment Save on Made with Unity3d (WebGL) for a gamejam during 9 days.   Instruction Firefox Browser? Go Full-Screen before entering the game. Otherwise your viewing direction will go crazy. Note: Fullscreen Button sometimes messes[…]

Gamedev Drill 003

Play Sling on Made with Unity3d (WebGL) for a gamejam during 3 days. Instruction Try to reach the target line as fast as possible. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to activate forcefields.  Pro-Tip: Backspace to restart. Credits Developed[…]

Gamedev Drill 002

Play Fledge on Made with Unity3d (WebGL) for a gamjam during 4 days. Instruction   Help your ducklings survive childhood! Find food. Bite back that nasty crow. Learn to avoid showstopping game bugs. AWSD[…]

Gamedev Drill 001

Play Stroop on Made with Unity3d (WebGL) for a gamejam during 7 days. Instruction In this puzzle game your right brain fights an epic battle against your left brain. Match the color, not the[…]

VFX – Reel 2020

Software: 3dsMax, Phoenix FD, VRay, After Effects Music: Nine O’Clock Music

“drive Safer” – VR Application

I led direction of this VR app for Samsung Germany. Assets made with 3ds Max, realization in Unity3d.   Presented by Samsung Deutschland. Developed by studioNICE in collaboration with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

mouseCapture & simpleFaceUI

I recently released two free scripts: mouseCapture for 3ds Max Use it to animate at lightning speed by simply recording your mouse movement. simpleFaceUI for 3ds Max This script creates sliders for morphtargets.