Gamedev Drill 002

Help your ducklings survive childhood! Find food. Bite back that nasty crow. Learn to avoid showstopping game bugs. AWSD + Left Click or Arrows + Spacebar

Gamedev Drill 001

In this puzzle game your right brain fights an epic battle against your left brain. Match the color, not the word to score points and climb the leaderboard. Gameplay is inspired by the so-called Stroop effect. Use[…]

VFX – Reel 2020

Software: 3dsMax, Phoenix FD, VRay, After Effects Music: Nine O’Clock Music

“drive Safer” – VR Application

I led direction of this VR app for Samsung Germany. Assets made with 3ds Max, realization in Unity3d.   Presented by Samsung Deutschland. Developed by studioNICE in collaboration with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

mouseCapture & simpleFaceUI

I recently released two free scripts: mouseCapture for 3ds Max Use it to animate at lightning speed by simply recording your mouse movement. simpleFaceUI for 3ds Max This script creates sliders for morphtargets.

Jason and the Nucleonauts

“Jason and the Nucleonauts” is a feature film concept I am developing under the flag of studioNICE and was presented at Animation Production Day 2017. A short teaser was produced in three weeks with three[…]

Article on Character Animation

I recently wrote an article on character animation stumbling blocks in 3ds Max. It is more a technical than an artistic take of that topic. Read it over at stack

Facial Animation Widget

This is a Script I wrote in order to simplify character animation in 3ds Max. When animating characters you will most likely want your skinned mesh to be frozen for that the animator does not[…]

Hover Mom

A just for fun shortfilm project I recently did. Software: 3dsmax, Corona Renderer, After Effects